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Electrical Generators

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» Electrical utilities are caught in power play
By super admin | Published 12/30/2011 | Electrical Generators | Unrated
New environmental regulations, coming amid warnings that Texas might not meet its electricity needs next summer, could set up a legal dilemma for regulators, grid operators and generators.
» Solar paint could transform houses into giant electricity generators
By super admin | Published 12/30/2011 | Electrical Generators | Unrated
It's common to see houses with solar panels on the roof harvesting energy to power household electricity, and if lucky the electrical grid. Now, a team from the University of Notre Dame is swinging back around on the idea of solar paint, and using semi-conducting particles to produce energy. This paint would be cheap enough to cover your entire house and turn it into a massive solar powered generator.
» Electric Generators Direct Announces Best Diesel RV Generators
By super admin | Published 09/24/2011 | Electrical Generators | Rating:
"Diesel RV generators are meant to keep your A/C and other amenities running while you're camping in your motorhome or RV," said Jim Baugher, resident product expert at Electric Generators Direct.
» Generator Safety Should Be Part of Any Emergency Management Plan
By super admin | Published 08/9/2011 | Electrical Generators | Unrated
In the emergency management industry, protecting people, property and equipment from harm is top priority. Unfortunately severe and even fatal accidents occur every year, many from improper equipment use. Accidents happen when operators cut corners, try to save time, are negligent or just don’t know the proper safety procedures to follow.
» Nanoptek develops commercial-scale solar-powered hydrogen generators
By super admin | Published 06/20/2011 | Electrical Generators | Unrated
Hydrogen GeneratorUsing solar power to produce hydrogen

Electric cars are definitely a green way to commute, however, when operating range is a concern, green vehicles that are propelled by easily refillable fuels like hydrogen take the podium. But the problem with hydrogen is its generation, which isn't as clean as the end product is. 

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